Divinity Gaming is a non-profit gaming community.  We play a variety of different kinds of games. Visit our Games page to see what we are playing and what servers we host on our own.

Many people have asked how we got the name Divinity.

This community was formed in an MMORPG called EVE Online.  That game is a space-based MMO where players can form corporations and alliances.  The founder of the group, Athena, started a corporation called Garden of the Gods which was combat based.  Athena later formed a corporation called Divine Mortals that was industry and training based.  The time came for an alliance to be formed.  Several names were discussed among the group at the time.  Given the “God” theme the name Divinity. (DVN.) for the alliance name.  

Through the years of playing EVE Online, the members of Divinity. would play other games together while waiting for fleets or to secure objectives in EVE Online.  As the years have gone by we’ve grown with the variety of games that we play together.

One thing Athena has always held true to – real life before gaming. We strive to be the place every gamer likes to call home. If you are interested in joining us as either a player or as a corporation please visit our Membership page.